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1 Answer Submitted By pffurr - January 24, 2018

I have four cancerous lesions in my left lung. My doctor and I have decided that, since I already have emphysema and IPF, that the option to do nothing is best for… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By optimisticme - December 11, 2017

I wonder if anyone has information on nsclc with a neroendecrine element as well as adenocarcinoma. I am being told there are no immunotherapy drugs to work with this? But I am… READ MORE

2 Answers Submitted By tiki22 - September 7, 2017

Ever since I was dx in 2016 lung cancer I have a rash itch that wont go away. Oncologist and dermatologist don’t know what to do? Any suggestions? Thank you.

5 Answers Submitted By Katherine55 - August 26, 2017

I had NSCLC 2 months ago. They removed a cancer around 6cm putting me at a stage 2b. Now they want to do Chemo. Reading all the lingering side effects I have… READ MORE

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