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Handling Stigmas

How do you move through people who think lung cancer happened only because of smoking? Do you confront and set the record straight?
-Encourage them to see the stats on those affected who were non-smokers.
-Ask them does it matter, really?
-Explain it's not deserving either way
-Walk away and tune them out

How do you handle such things?

  1. Yes

    1. Hello, yes to all of the above? I also think it is a way to educate and spread awareness that all one needs is lungs to get lung cancer. Best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

  2. Yes, I faced stigma with Lung Cancer. Only now, seven years post-diagnosis can I discuss my illness with dignity and confidence as a survivor.

    1. Awesome! It can take a lot of strength to meet those stigmas head-on. In time many learn to move ahead just as you eloquently state with dignity and confidence. Wishing you continued best!
      Yolanda( Team)

  3. While having lung cancer I had it cut out my rite upper lung then upon healing found I had cancer in my rite kidney people telling me lot different story's how I got it I don't let little things bother me so I told all them prove it cause I smokes for many many years lol I ask them then how bout people never smoked but my grandma fought me take life like imvgrain salt Simone else worst off now HAV barit esphosaguse cancer getting it burned out with balloons full radiation but I'm good I'm always good be good

    1. I'm glad you're hanging in there, and yes people will share their different theories, but I always say does it really matter? This is the situation now in real-time. Keep shining!
      Yolanda( Team)

  4. @Yolanda rite everyone thinks they know but myself I believe in mind over matter I don't mind an dang sure don't matter I may HAV had it may still but I don't let it rule me I rule it

    1. that is a great attitude to have, I am glad to hear it! Jill, ( team)

    2. Yes, I live by the same motto of mind over matter staying in the present and just getting through the challenges if any of the day. Keep doing you and continue that positive light...when you feel like it! Wishing you the very best!
      Yolanda( Team)

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