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Remembering Don Stranathan

”LungWe are incredibly saddened to share that former team member and lung cancer advocate Don Stranathan passed away on February 1, 2020.

A legacy of hope and awareness

Don had been living with stage IV lung cancer since June 2009. His story and experiences were well-known and shared throughout the community, and he was a light to all who knew him, whether online or in person. His compassion and willingness to help in any way he could, both individually to members of the community, and to the lung cancer community as a whole, will never be forgotten.

Don will be deeply missed by all who had the pleasure to know him - his efforts continue to influence the community and wider population, and to unite others to increase awareness about lung cancer. Don's mission to educate others and promote awareness, and his story, will continue to inspire and give hope to others in this community.

Memories from his fellow advocates

From Dusty Donaldson:
"Our lung cancer community is devastated by Don’s death. Don was a lion among advocates. Since his Stage IV diagnosis in June 2009, Don focused on helping others navigate their lung cancer journey. You would be hard pressed to find an advocate who did not know Don, who had not met him at an advocacy gathering or had an online dialogue with him. He seemed to be everywhere and involved in everything. He will be missed tremendously. Those of us who knew him and his true love Penny, who passed away from lung cancer six years ago, can take comfort in the thought of them being reunited now."

From Samantha Mixon:

Two women and one man smiling"Don was one of the first people I met when I discovered I had lung cancer. He was always a leader and forged the way for so many. And no matter the circumstances, he did it with a smile on his face. Rest in paradise with your Penny Don."

From Ashley Rickles:
"Don was an incredible advocate for the newly diagnosed and the seasoned advocate. He and I had several conversations regarding treatment options. He helped so many be informed of their next steps of cancer treatment. We definitely have a hole in this community. The same courage that it takes to fight this battle is the same courage it takes to succumb to it."

From Donna Fernandez:
"Don was the most giving lung cancer advocate I know. He shared his knowledge every step of the way...and he had a lot of it. He always had a smile and a thumbs up.

My heart breaks at losing him, and the lung cancer community will never be quite the same without him. But, when I learned he passed, one of my first thoughts is that he and the love of his life, Penny, who died a few years ago from lung cancer, are now reunited. What a happy reunion that must have been."

From Sandy Spears:

"Don Stranathan was the very first warrior I met in person. He immediately made me feel like family. His strength and knowledge inspired the entire lung cancer community. Don was our Superman. His smile and thumbs up that he always posted to let us know he was ok will forever be in my memory."

From Lysa Buonanno:
"Don inspired me before I ever met him. I'm honored we became friends over the years. He was always helping others. He was our Superman."

From K.C. Dill:
"I never met Don personally but had many interactions with him online. His quick responses, helpful advice and connection to community were very reassuring. He took time to answer every message from me and others. He was an advocate in every sense of the word, his presence will be greatly missed. His memory will live on in the hearts of the #LCSM community. He was an inspiration to all of us."

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