Ashley Rickles

Intentional living began on October 19, 2017 when Ashley learned of her stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis. The diagnosis came as an incidental finding from a female problem. Her OB/GYN ordered a CT of the abdomen and that CT told a very compelling story for which nodules on the lower portion of her lungs were noted. Her doctor didn’t stop there and punted her to a Pulmonary Specialist. After a bronchoscope and a needle biopsy, there were still questions as the results were non-diagnostic. Ashley, then was referred to a thoracic surgeon and the wedge biopsy of three sections confirmed Adenocarcinoma. Further molecular testing proved EGFR mutation with T790 expression. Ashley is in-operable due to the innumerable amount nodules spread across both lungs. Ashley is currently on her first line therapy which is Tagrisso and have remained stable for almost 6 years as of October 2023.

Ashley is a Mississippi native and graduated from Mississippi University for Women with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations with a minor in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance. Ashley worked in higher education for 10 years at The University of Alabama and her local community college. Ashley is currently working, but is employed part-time at a local seminary. Ashley is involved in her local community theater and serves on the board as well as acts a little on the stage when the opportunity arises. She has been married for two years to Casey Rickles, a Master Sergeant with the Mississippi Air National Guard.

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