By Editorial Team - May 15, 2017
In 2016, more than 224,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer. Whether you’ve been diagnosed or know a friend or family member who has, here’s a guide to the basics of lung... READ MORE

By Dusty Donaldson - May 10, 2017
When I speak about lung cancer, especially to a group of people who may not know much about the subject, I sometimes compare the number of daily lung cancer deaths to a... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - May 3, 2017
NED – “no evidence of disease” – is the goal when someone is going through treatment for lung cancer. Doctors rarely use the word “cure” when it comes to cancer. NED is... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - April 30, 2017
Coping with a lung cancer diagnosis or life with lung cancer as a patient or caregiver can be incredibly difficult. Many experience emotional as well as physical challenges. Last month, in April,... READ MORE

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