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World Cancer Day 2022: Closing the Care Gap

There are many barriers such as cost and disability that come with seeking cancer care? What are some barriers or challenges you have faced in accessing care for your cancer?

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    1. I had chemo and immunotherapy which did nothing except grow tumour
      They gave me the most promising therapy
      While the treatment can be tweaked, it won't be covered by gov (Can) or apparently not my private insurance either after first try doesn't work
      Where can I find alternative treatments (preferably covered) other than what gov is offering
      I wonder though if drugs did something as I was supposed to be dead in Oct.

      1. I'm sorry you are going through this. We cannot give out any medical advice, but I would suggest searching for an Integrative Oncology Center near you if there is one. And if you are covered by insurance for a second opinion, I would suggest that also. Wishing you all the best! Alisa, Team

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