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Hope Lung Cancer Summit!

Hey guys, I know these boards are just getting going, but I want to let everyone know about a really awesome get-together of some amazing people. Every year, the LUNGevity Foundation hosts the Hope Lung Cancer Summit in Washington DC. This is not any type of fundraiser, or anything like that. It's really just a gift to survivors and caregivers. It's a chance to get together and meet 100+ LC survivors of all ages, stages, and life experiences. Have questions about a treatment you are getting ready to start and want to meet someone who has done it? This is the place. There are excellent speakers who deliver some of the latest news on what's going on in the realm of lung cancer research and treatment, time for sharing stories, and so much more. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll definitely make lifelong friends. There is a small registration fee, but that will cover all of your materials, a cool t-shirt, and many meals. If you are unable to afford to come, they also offer a limited number of travel grants to help first-time attendees come. You can learn more about it at

I will be there, and hope to see you there, too!

  1. I will be there, too, and look forward to seeing you, Kimberly.

    This will be my second year. Last year was an amazing experience, and this year it will only be better, because I have more friends in the lung cancer community.


    1. Kimberly and Anita, we met last year at my first HOPE Summit. I hope to meet many more new people this year. My experience was amazing. After my diagnosis, I felt all alone - until I met so many wonderful people who are exactly like me, think like me, have the same concerns for me and an enormous amount of love for other survivors. See you soon.

      1. I'm going to HOPE Summit also! Looking forward to it this year as I wasn't able to attend last year due to having pneumonia and hospitalized for 10 days just before 2016 HOPE Summit. I'm looking forward to renewing friendships made previously and meeting new Survivors too! See yo soon! Gail

        1. I am a Hope Summit Alumni, never missed one! Being part of the LUNGevity/Hope Community is a life changer and I will never feel alone in this journey. I am so excited - counting the days - for Hope Summit 2017. I look forward to seeing my friends and meeting new friends! And I do not use the term friends lightly. You will be amazed how quickly you make close connections. See you there! 😀)

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