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Travel Necessities with Lung Cancer

Are you hesitant to travel with your condition? Do you cover the best ways to go about travel with your doctor? Here are 3 necessaries to think about when traveling:
1- Go over a plan with your doctor. It may seem irrelevant for some but important.
2- Available Meds- Make sure your prescriptions are filled and available to pack along on your travels.
3-Plan for Portable Oxygen- if you need it then bring it, if you don't just be cognizant of the guidelines for traveling with this equipment, in case things change.

What are some must-haves for you when traveling?

  1. All good questions I would like to travel, but I am afraid to go to far from home. I have portable oxygen generator with a 9 hour battery. So far I have only traveled 90 miles from home.

    I want to go to see kids in south Carolina.

    1. I can imagine it is tough to weigh the should I or shouldn't when traveling. Have you asked your doctor about the possibilities of traveling on a plane vs. a train or bus with your portable? I would say don't miss out on life but try some manageable means to make limited travel more comfortable and keep you rest assured if there's an issue. You may want to list all of these concerns on your next visit with your doctor. I wish you all the very best either way! 😀
      Yolanda( Team)

  2. I am plannng on traveling later this month. I take my portable oxygen machine and make sure I pack everything I need. I also will discuss with my doctor to make sure I am not missing anything. I made up my mind there is no way I was going to miss my granddaughter graduation.

    1. Awesome, great to hear you are being proactive with your doctor on traveling tips to make this a seamless experience with proper safeguard. I hope you have a wonderful time at the graduation. Wishing you the very best!

    2. Thank You!!

  3. Thank You!!

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