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Responding to cancer money organizations?

Has anyone applied for lawsuits advertisements? Any success?

  1. Hi thanks for reaching out. Can you give us a bit more information about what you are looking for specifically? Is it a particular company that you are asking if people have pursued a lawsuit over a product (for example) that potentially caused cancer? Jill, team

    1. I see ads on tv asking to contact them if you have cancer so they can represent you in lawsuits.

      1. I understand now. I don't know if any of our community members have any personal experiences with this, but I would say to be careful with this. Lawyers advertise on television to reach new people. While the ads may be for real, the process of receiving compensation is not automatic or quick. There are many scams out there, be careful. Jill, team

    2. Thank you Jill.

      1. I see these commercials all the time as well and they do seem scammy. It also pays to freeze still and read that disclaimer that is hard to read at the very bottom. It makes you think about how some companies go out of their way to help people and it can be hurtful. I agree to be careful in joining in on those group lawsuits. Best!
        Yolanda( Team)

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