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Lung Nodules

I recently quit smoking and had a CT to see if my health was ok. Scan showed 2 nodules near the left fissure. Dr said not to worry and have another scan in a year
Could this be right??
The nodes are 4mm big. He says small enough to just watch for a year

  1. how old are you?

    1. 54 yo male

      1. I hope it's nothing.
        I have the same issue, I'm 27yo male.

        1. I hope it's nothing, too, please feel free to update us, we are here to support each other! All the best, Alisa, Team

      2. He said scan again in 1 year. Im gonna do 6 months. Cant hurt to be proactive.
        I gotta stay off web MD. It'll make me nuts

        1. I agree, personally, I would go back in 6 months. And yes, the internet can be dangerous. The stats are outdated and very scary. There have been so many advances, hope is real. Hopefully your nodules will not turn into anything. All the best, Alisa, Team

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