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We understand that navigating life with a lung cancer diagnosis is not easy by any means. We'd like to hear from you: What topics would you like to learn more about at

  1. Well speaking from a former caregiver's perspective... articles on delving through the terms and the frustration that many face in moving forward with care would be helpful to many.

    1. , thank you so much for sharing! Warmly, Kailah

  2. Advances in radiation treatment; side effects of radiation to the chest and what is done to alleviate the side effects; proton therapy vs. radiation therapy; ablation therapy. Thanks for asking! Best, Alisa

    1. , thank you so much for sharing! Warmly, Kailah

  3. I would like to see more on long term side effects. Speaking from my own experience, the platinum based Cisplatin & Etoposide left me with Peripheral Neuropathy, Mild hearing loss with constant tinnitus, kidney issues, memory fog/retention issues. Next might be the emotional impacts, I seem to be pushing loved ones away due to diagnosis of a recurrence-i don't even realize when I do it. .Last what are the treatment options when Small Cell Lung Cancer comes back. 90% of what I see is for non small cell.

    1. I agree. I have permanent Neuropathy, which nothing seems to help and Thyroid and Cortisol problems which I now take daily pills. The tinnitus is non stop ringing in my left ear and nothing seems to work for that either. Out of all of them above, the tinnitus is the worse.

    2. I'm sorry you ended up with those side effects. I can only imagine how aggravating the tinnitus must be. Did your medical team say nothing can be done to help any of your side effects? Have you sought out palliative care, I hear they are very helpful with managing all sorts of side effects. I am attaching a link below to an article written by our Editorial Team that I hope helps. Please feel free to follow up with us. Kindly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

  4. , Chemo brain or brain fog is very suffering. Whether it's improved with time? How to cope with it? Christine Moderator

    1. , thank you so much for sharing!
      Warmly, Kailah

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