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Lung Cancer Awareness: Emotions

Awareness month means living in the truth of your emotions. Do you feel safe enough to share your true emotions when you feel overwhelmed by lung cancer?

  1. I do feel safe opening up within my lung cancer community and close family and friends, but I find myself holding back some of my fears for the sake of the other person. I worry about others worrying. So although I feel safe and my "circle" is a safe place, I don't share the full extent of my deepest emotions with anyone. I also think my lung cancer community knows how I feel, words aren't always needed. Thinking of us all, we are in this together! ~ Alisa, Team

    1. , you are exactly right in that we are in this journey together and WE know how you feel most of the time. I am on another site in Canada which deals with all cancers. I talk about the fear I now feel of it coming back or spreading to some other part of my body. I tell others who have just started on the journey, it isn't a death sentence today. It is ok to feel scared and it is ok to vent your anger on here. We all get it but some of us just deal with it differently. One thing though, we all have experience with the pain, fear and emotional side and different treatments so a great place to ask questions. Thanks to all for sharing . Wish I could see you all in person.

    2. Are you a lung cancer survivor? Every year (except Pandemic year), a not for profit, holds a weekend summit in Washington, DC for survivors. We have a few huge groups from Canada that attend, so it is not impossible if you are a lc survivor! Check out their website. ~ Alisa

  2. Yes I am !

    1. I'm tagging my sister-survivor from Canada, hopefully she can put you in touch with survivors in your area. Robegree71 is from Canada and would benefit meeting other lung cancer survivors, there are no lung-specific support groups in his area.

  3. seems my emotions are all over the place anymore! 😕

    1. , I am very sorry to hear this, but please know that the community is here for you throughout your journey! Wishing you all the best.
      Kailah H(LC team member)

    2. I hear you, it can be so overwhelming getting a lung cancer diagnosis, a bumpy ride. Are you in treatment now and how are you doing physically? Please feel free to share more, we are here to support each other. Thinking of you, Alisa, Team

  4. Michael, know exactly how you feel. I am physically a big and strong man and not much scares me but being a lung cancer survivor for 20 months scares the crap out of me ! Every pain, twinge and feeling unwell starts me thinking “ it’s come back ! “ I read Great book, Radical Remission, and viewed a website, Palousse Mindfulness. I started doing Meditation and when the bad thoughts start I meditate. It took me awhile to get into it and some days are harder than others to really focus but I get better every time I do it. Helps to calm me down when I start losing the emotions . Taken some work and I am really good at it most days but then have some not the best either but it is working. Hope this might help. The emotional side of this disease is far worse than the physical some days. Nobody prepared me for that.

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