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I’m so sorry you and your wife had to go through this situation and to this degree. Please also accept my condolences. In no way shape or form should that form of disregard have taken place. I’m happy the RN (who usually are better in decorum then some of the MD’s) put this doctor in check and stayed with you during this ordeal.

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I did smoke. I dread the question I know is coming. I too have started answering with “does it matter”? Sometimes, I am brought to instant tears when the question is asked. When I say “does it matter?” I’ve yet to leave a person speechless for a moment. Most consider my response and become immediately regretful for asking. I agree with you. The…

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Hi @evcosports, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife and the insensitive treatment of the doctor making it that much more challenging. It sounds like you had a very caring RN though. I wish all medical professionals were compassionate … it is hard enough dealing with an illness. Warmly, Alisa, Team

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my wife was a 45 year ICU RN… at the end she was admitted to he own unit in a very aggressive state, what she would classify as a Patient hell… her RN co-worker was trying to ease her pain and get her conferable. A female doctor walked in did the old 30 sec check in and demanded the RN sign these papers right away, The RN was at the time…