Blessings in My Lung Cancer Story

I talk about it, coming out of the doctor's office I was in the elevator with a man wearing a Yankees hat, a big fan, I tell him the man who handled my prostate cancer has a son who was drafted by the Yankees...

Finding friends through sharing your story

He tells me about his prostate cancer story, we talked for almost an hour, I told him after my last radiation treatment I bought a sign at the gift shop, "cancer touched my life so I had to kick its ass". He liked that, then I told him, unfortunately, I had to buy another sign, he goes oh no, what for? I told him: "For my lung cancer story".

I learned to get the best doctor I could find. My doctor was a rock star, I was a 1a and now my cancer is gone. He asked for my doctor's name and number, he said his sister has lung cancer and he's going to bring her to my doctor, so I did some good, it doesn't happen by accident!

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