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Dusty Donaldson was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005, at the age of 51. She underwent surgery to remove two lobes from her right lung, followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. She completed treatment within six months of her diagnosis and has been out of treatment since March 2006. Read more.

By Dusty Donaldson - April 6, 2018
Although I am a “healthy” lung cancer survivor, many of my lung cancer friends who may appear to be healthy are anything but. What does health or sickness look like? Not necessarily... READ MORE

By Dusty Donaldson - February 25, 2018
In a word, yes. Virtually every adult needs a written will. How much more when someone is living with a lung cancer diagnosis? There are many reasons to have a will. Below... READ MORE

By Dusty Donaldson - January 8, 2018
“I would never agree to a feeding tube,” says one person. “Whatever happens, do NOT pull the plug on me,” says another. These are the types of very personal decisions that, frankly,... READ MORE

By Dusty Donaldson - September 29, 2017
Cancer patients have been experiencing chemo brain for decades. Chemo brain significantly impacts patients’ daily activities. However, the medical community has only recently started taking chemo brain seriously. Inspired by the article... READ MORE

By Dusty Donaldson - September 21, 2017
For the past several weeks, I have been focused intently on insects. They have invaded my space as well as my thoughts. Combine that with my ongoing passion for lung cancer and... READ MORE

By Dusty Donaldson - September 19, 2017
The recent deaths of several of our comrades have hit the lung cancer community incredibly hard. One of those losses was Abby Wilson. For those who did not know Abby, please allow... READ MORE