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Staying Zen

Last updated: October 2021

It’s not easy to not think and stress about your current situation, but there is something in how you mark your territory when it comes to handling how you want and need your journey with lung cancer to follow. Though not everyone can recover and slap the positive sticker on, there is a badge of moving through calm despite the storm.

Let’s delve into tips to consider a Zen life with cancer.

Pick your battles

Some things may be out of your control and really taking the time to see what your options are and what everyone has suggested, well you have the final say in how you choose to move about. Sometimes it may be people or situations that may take you out of your safe zone of coping and handling situations. Stuff still happens even with cancer, kids don’t listen, spouse of partner may rock your nerve more than usual, and especially when you’re not up to coping- so what do you do?

Oftentimes, you may realize the fight or debate is not worth the weight, and you learn to choose those disagreements with a grain of salt. Sometimes, you have to decide if the battle is worth the weight in aggravation. Whether your medical team is on you with what you should and shouldn’t do, step aside to digest it all and then proceed with the action upon returning to a calm state. This will allow you to make impactful decisions on your care or whatever else you have going on all at once.

Close and rest your eyes

Visually when we see chaos around us it may be unsettling for some, whether it’s the television, phone, chatter between doctors and nurses, and your treatment- it can be a lot to take in. It’s okay to regroup and take a step back by closing your eyes. Meditation has been known to do wonders whether by chanting or just allowing yourself to just be in that moment with little interaction or having the stuff that may make your pressure go up reside in the corner for 30 minutes. Though you can’t fully escape the issue that may be present, you can take a break and get your mind together before continuing to tackle it again.

Other ways to stay balanced

Of course, there are different ways you can take on having a Zen moment, but here are some other possibilities to consider:

  • Start walking or light jogging
  • Laugh with a good movie
  • Tea and a book
  • Exercise (low impact)
  • Start a hobby (gardening, drawing, writing, or fishing)
  • Organize your week with a treat
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Outdoor breathing exercises

At the end of the day having a space of balance is the key!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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