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Road to Recovery

My mother wasn’t fortunate in her short journey with lung cancer. I would like to think she would’ve been more hopeful and impressed by the many that have beaten, and or manage this disease today. I wanted to explain what the walk of recovery for the many wondering what that looks like on such a bleak diagnosis.

A heartfelt and very real experience for my mom

I remember like it was yesterday, my mom waiting in the holding area in the emergency room, visibly tired, frustrated, and unsure what and how this was going to end. As my husband and brother were back and forth looking into where are the doctors and what’s going on, my mom shared an experience that was heartfelt and so very real.

Unbeknownst to us, there was a young man in his early twenties in the second portion of the room. He and my mother were actually one and the same with just a curtain separating them in what may have been the scariest experience of their lives. That young man expired right in the same room as my mother. My mom laid there listening to the dialog back and forth of what this young man had experienced. He died because of lung cancer complications. As my mom explained what it was like to hear him and everyone in the room, well I can imagine how daunting it must have been to have death so close to her that day.

Hope in the face of a lung cancer prognosis

Lung cancer is not easy -- period! A disease that has such a small window of recovery based on how soon you are diagnosed is a big deal. So how can there be hope at the end of the tunnel?

Well, where would we be without hope? Hope is still necessary and a must in fighting the good fight. Though the diagnosis and prognosis can be touch and go, hope is such a key factor. There are big conferences like the HOPE Summit held by Lungevity every year that pushes this sentiment. The prognosis is not a death warrant when you have emotional support, a team of doctors that are in your corner with a wealth of information, and trying to live as healthy as you can despite the disease.

How can I move forward with lung cancer?

The faces of lung cancer vary, but one thing we can truly state is that there are some tough and diligent individuals in the mix. Here’s what to consider when moving forward in a time rocked by medication and various other treatments.

Time out

Taking time to focus on self-love is suggested. Check out a spa day, or shopping trip, focus on what makes you feel good at that moment and live it.

Updates in care

Reviewing with your team any developments of your treatment as well as understanding, and whether new drugs are a bitter fit is a discussion to be had. Don’t give in the fight but fighting includes being diligent on what can make you better.

Being honest

Recovery also means being realistic about what is going on around you in your care. It’s important to align yourselves with the right energy and honesty when it comes to your journey.

Strength in numbers

Though not everyone can hold it together when going through everything that comes with lung cancer; gaining strength in numbers helps in the lifeline.

The road to recovery is about care and strength

The road to recovery is just that. You may not know what is at the end of the road but taking time, care, and strength along the journey is your lifeline.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it

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