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Self-care and Lung Cancer

What is your approach to self-care as someone with lung cancer or caring for someone with lung cancer?

  1. My approach to self-care for myself as a person living with lung cancer is to learn to say no and not overload my schedule. I also like to meditate and practice breathwork. I am low maintenance with material possessions, but do like to treat myself now and then to hair highlights and a manicure 😀 ~ Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. My approach to self care is relaxing. I enjoy doing puzzles it takes my mind off of cancer. Going outside, weather permitting, swing and just admire nature. Walking in the park or walking in general for a few minutes as I feel up to it. Walking with friends or family makes it even better. Nap if I need to and I try an eat a little healthier.
      Sandy, lung cancer patient leader

      1. My approach to my stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis has been very aggressive and I have, to-date surpassed all doctors' expectations in terms of survivability (5 years+) :
        1. Quit work (I was able to financially with my disability payments and savings). Such a stress reducer. My sleeping improved immediately.
        2. Found a smart oncologist who makes sense to me - get the best medical treatment available.
        3. Fix my diet - bad foods out - good foods in - with exceptions for celebrations or just to treat myself, otherwise there is great presence of fruits and veggies with a focus on greens and berries, much much less dairy and red meat, plenty to drink (not alcohol..but again there are exceptions).
        4. Fitness - always been a hobby of mine but I increased it (I had time since I was not working). But I do not over do it but I really focused on aerobic and core strength.
        5. Mind Body - I practice daily meditation to ensure I am well rested both mind and body and I also took up Tai Chi which helped my breathing improve and gives me peaceful and physical good feeling, especially after a grueling radiation regiment. Also makes me feel accomplished when I reach each next step.
        6. Gratefulness and Mindfullness - enjoy my days and focus on what I am doing now - trying to not get stressed about past mistakes or future concerns.
        7. Enjoy what I can - focus on hobbies of cycling, motorcycling, coaching my son's soccer (tough sometimes physically), but details do not what you can that you enjoy.
        8. Spend times with friends and family...when they aren't being annoying and telling me what to do all the
        9. If I need to rest, I rest and enjoy being able to do so without worrying about work or house chores. But I still have two teenagers to raise.
        Hope that helps. Good luck.

        1. Hi Vicki, your grandchildren certainly keep you busy, good on you all! Thank you for commenting and being part of our community. All the best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

        2. And I love the photo, thanks for sharing! ~ Alisa

      2. Follow the medical advice and treatment plan provided by healthcare professionals. Maintain a balanced diet, engage in light exercise if possible, and get sufficient rest to support your body's healing and overall well-being.

        Remember to take time for yourself and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Whether it's reading a book, listening to music, practicing mindfulness or meditation, finding moments of peace can help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

        1. Thank you for sharing suggestions with our community, they are all very helpful! I find joy in each day, meditate and practice mindfulness, I believe all are good for my mental and physical health. But I am still a work in progress (the fear and anxiety has a way of creeping in at times). Wishing you all the best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

        2. Great suggestions, it seems you are following the best script here with positive self care tactics. Kudos!
          Yolanda( Team)

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