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Pivotal Moments In My Lung Cancer Journey

Last updated: July 2021

As I journey to my illness there are important or critical moments that have changed me completely. These moments have not only transformed me but I get to have the opportunity to breathe life into others.

Reaching out to a fellow patient and his caregiver

My first cancer story was published in July 2020. In the same month, I got a message in my FB Messenger someone wanted to connect with me about my cancer diagnosis.

At first, I was hesitant to entertain a stranger. She said she googled lung cancer survivors in our city and my name was the first one on the list. Right then a good friendship had started with a caregiver. Her husband was also a stage 4 lung cancer patient but he lasted only six months. Quite heartbreaking but during that six months I got to share family joys and blessings.

A closer relationship with a fellow ALK+ patients

Being an active advocate for lung cancer has more advantages. You always have a choice to spread hope or stay where you are. Through a lung cancer charitable organization, I got to be introduced to another lung cancer patient from another city. We are ALK-positive and take the same second-generation Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor. I consider her as my lung cancer sister. Another friendship has evolved from the support group. Our lung cancer journey and Covid-19 create common topics. There are endless things to share and rejoice.

Encouraging other cancer patients

Sharing a cancer diagnosis seems hard to other people especially those who are closely related to you. First, I shared my journey on how I have faced my cancer diagnosis and have carried out my treatment. Besides, how family support has helped me survived. Moreover, the common side effects that I have dealt with. Lastly, my struggles with Covid-19. Immediately with no hesitation, I have seen their desire to live life to the fullest for their loved ones and accept their loving care. We continue to pray for each other and share pivotal moments.

Lifting up for the loss of loved ones

To lose a loved one puts you in a deep grief stage that only time can heal. The acceptance of the situation does not come very easily. There are a lot of tears and unending struggles.

On the other hand, getting a lung cancer diagnosis is also a big loss but of your old self. A lot of transformation occurs right after getting lung cancer news or a loved one’s passing. We come to realize that loss is painful and real. The ride is like a rollercoaster. Once you have a great support system the ride becomes smooth and bearable.

More endless moments

Pivotal moments in a cancer journey create different footprints. They will continue to happen if you realize they are present. I will definitely embrace each moment to touch and inspire others. It is a calling for me as I continue being a lung cancer survivor.

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