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Chemo Angels

Have you ever heard about Chemo Angels or Angel Mail? Chemo Angels are a wonderful group of people who simply want to be Angels in the lives of cancer patients or caregivers. They are truly from heaven and I can relay information to you as I have had a Chemo Angel for almost one year now.

How do Chemo Angels work?

Traditionally, they serve cancer patients by sending cards, gifts, and an assortment of items. They are another layer of support to help you through your cancer journey. Everything they do for you or send you is from their own generosity.

The first step is to have a Chemo Angel assigned to you. The only personal information they ask is your address, of course. They may send you an email asking about your current support system, possibly to find out if you are a parent, etc. They ask for your hobbies and likes and dislikes as well.

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Approximately one month after my application, I started receiving the most wonderful cards in the mail. I was assigned two Angels and receive a card from each one of them several times a month. One of my Angels is extremely creative and sends me handmade cards which keep me smiling for days.

Little surprises to make me smile

Holidays are a whole other level. Last Christmas, both of my angels send me boxes filled with everything from gummi bears to lotions to crossword puzzle books to tree decorations and kitchen decorations. I was astonished. My one Angel mailed me a 25 days of Christmas box with instructions to open one gift per day. Every morning was a new day with the excitement of what today's gift would be.

And they don't stop at cancer patients, they also have a program for Seniors. Their website is a goldmine of information, as well, including patient applications, volunteer applications, and patient resources.

Spreading the word

I know quite a few people are hesitant to sign up for one of these programs, but it really does brighten your day. I especially appreciate their kindness if I come home from treatment and an envelope is waiting for me in the mail. As a matter of fact, my nurses at the infusion room are the ones who told me about Chemo Angels. I have found a few nurses/oncologists who are not aware of this terrific group of people so I have tried to spread the word as much as possible to anyone I meet in the cancer center.

I strongly feel there are wonderful people in this world. Sometimes we just need to know where to find them. If you're interested, check out their website and read their testimonials. There are also articles in various newspapers from cities across the USA that highlight the wonderful work these people do.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 28, 2020, Jennifer Toth passed away. Jennifer was a passionate advocate for the Lung Cancer community. She will be deeply missed.

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