Joy Is A Gift

Is joy still possible even with a lung cancer diagnosis? Joy is always mistaken as happiness. They are not interchangeable. Joy is from within despite what is going on in your life or around you. You make peace with the changes and chaos. On the other hand, happiness is based on places, other people, events, things, and even thoughts.

Joy is a choice

Once you learn to let go of things you cannot control, joy emanates. You speak with optimism. Giving more compliments becomes easier. You radiate love for others. Self-care turns into part of your routine. You appreciate small things. Positive people turn into your circle. You laugh more and worry less. I cannot control side effects, scan results, and survival. One thing is for sure, I accept these uncertainties and live each day as a gift. That is pure joy for me.

Gratitude makes us joyful

When you notice the good things in your life and appreciate them, gratitude comes out freely. Gratitude creates joy that makes us behave in healthy and positive ways. We can embrace the beauty and miracle of life with thankfulness.

However, take note to avoid grievances because this will rob you from being grateful. Thus, hinder you from being joyful. I am grateful for research for they create treatments that work for me as ALK-positive. I owe my life to my cancer agency for looking after me since day one. Having cancer, each day is a gift to enjoy with gratitude.

Joy is life-long happiness

Surrounding ourselves with positive-minded people leads us to the joy of giving our best. Next, be happy with what you have to see more positive about yourself. Life would not go always how we wished. We have to accept with a cheerful heart the ups and downs of living with lung cancer.

Best of all, practice self-compassion. You always have the control to change certain aspects of yourself that you do not like. It takes a soul-searching to find out the real you. Loving ourselves helps us avoid patterns of anxiety and loneliness.

Creativity through joy

Change takes time from the day of diagnosis. Once we are able to face our reality, we can focus on things that create joy. Stop comparing and be your own self. We should learn to embrace our own creative selves and start flourishing. Let us ask ourselves what makes us happy and do it. When we hit a wall, we should go around it and do not give up. Nature is another amazing power to positively affect our health, our moods, and our emotions. We only need to let it rejuvenate us.

Sharing joy

Joy is an invaluable gift that spreads to others. One of the best things you can share with people around you is your own joy. Sharing good news or positive experiences to others increases social interaction which can prolong your life. For me sharing my cancer journey gives me the joy to inspire and encourage other survivors.

Once you have lung cancer you go through ups and downs. You face many kinds of trials and uncertainties. But in the good times and bad, we look for the inner joy that comes from the heart, not from material things and things of the world.

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