1568 Lung Cancer Resources & Assistance Programs 

Lung Cancer Resources & Assistance Programs

When you're dealing with lung cancer, the focus is often on managing the cancer -- as it should be! However, other distractions can often come up and become stressful and anxiety-provoking. Insurance problems, financial troubles, transportation struggles, and pricey treatments can all take our thoughts and energy away from where we need them the most, focusing on feeling and getting well. While many of us know there are assistance programs out there for individuals with cancer, it’s incredibly overwhelming to search through them all and know how to qualify.

Navigating the resources out there

Below is a sample of some of the assistance programs available that you may qualify for if needed. These are good places to start, and may lead to other organizations that are just as beneficial. There is help out there for everyone. Even if you have the best health insurance possible, you will no doubt still be expected to pay at least some of your bills, which can certainly add up. Make sure you know what kind of insurance coverage you have as you go through some of these options, as programs may ask. If you are unsure whether or not you have private healthcare (usually from an employer), government healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Health Administration, and the like), or some other type of insurance, enlist the help of a family member, friend, or cancer support network to help you decipher your current position.

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Co-pay assistance programs

Many co-pay assistance organizations have limited funds that tend to run out, so it’s important to contact them sooner rather than later.

Medication assistance programs

These programs can help people to afford the cost of their medications, as many cancer medications can be quite expensive.

Childcare, homecare, transportation, and gasoline payment relief

Oftentimes, we forget that travel expenses, childcare expenses, and lodging issues are things we can actually receive help for. While aid amounts and availability may vary, these can still be valuable programs!

Legal aid

Legal aid resources can help with issues like maintaining employment through treatment, taking medical leave, accessing healthcare and government benefits, and estate planning.

Large databases with extensive resource guidelines

These often include national and regional organizations that you can search through and refer back to for more information on a plethora of programs.

You can also reach out to your insurance provider or even drug companies themselves for aid and information. Many of the large pharmaceutical companies often have fee-assistance programs for those who qualify. It may seem all too overwhelming, but just chipping away at your research little by little may lead you to a helpful aid outlet.1

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