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My Cancer Journey Through The Beatles Song Titles

The Beatles were a popular rock band formed in the 1960s. Their songs have lived on until now. My children and my 2-year-old grandson know their songs by heart. My husband and I play their music at home, in the car, and on road trips. As I am living with lung cancer, there are titles and lyrics of songs by The Beatles that describe my feelings and thoughts.

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Let It Be

One of the band members, named Paul McCartney, wrote this song after he had a dream about his mother, who died of cancer when he was 14 years old. Losing a mother at an incredibly young age was hurtful and shocking for him.

The lung cancer lesson: Acceptance

As I am living with lung cancer, I need to accept and be aware of what is and is not under my control.

The Long And Winding Road

One of the Beatles wrote this song describing his anguish in the direction of his personal life.

The lung cancer lesson: Have hope

The song touches me in a big way. Since my diagnosis, the road I have taken has had unending challenges. It's full of uncertainties. Thus, it is not smooth and bumpy at times. Wherever my road leads me, I remain hopeful.

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The title sounds like a cry for help and needing somebody.

The lung cancer lesson: it's okay to ask for help

Cancer has changed me. Gone are the days when I am a superwoman. My body tells me I have limitations and a disability. I have come to the realization that it is okay to ask for help. I am beyond grateful my family, friends, and relatives are playing parts as I face my health condition.

Across The Universe

In the lyrics, one verse says, “Nothing’s gonna change my world.” The composition came up when the songwriter had trouble sleeping. He was half awake and tired as he wrote this song.

The lung cancer lesson: Sleep is important

I have been undergoing cancer treatment for years. One of the side effects is sleeping problems. My body keeps on adjusting to the pills I take daily. Breathing exercises and gentle yoga have helped me sleep well.

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Here Comes The Sun

The song describes the long winters.

The lung cancer lesson: Soak up a little sun

I live in a city where the winter season starts in December and goes all the way to April. But the sun comes out every day.

I consider the sunlight as my energy giver and mood booster. Ten to fifteen minutes of sunlight exposure each day is good for my health. My favorite seasons are spring, summer, and fall.

I Want To Hold Your Hand

This is one of the Beatles’ most enduring love songs.

The lung cancer lesson: Remember the love

A thoracic surgeon was the first one who told me about my stage 4 lung cancer. Flashes of good and bad thoughts poured in and out of my head. I am so grateful my husband stood by my side. He has given me full support in sickness and in health.

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Come Together

This song by The Beatles is a political rallying cry.

The lung cancer lesson: Advocate!

In the lung cancer world, fellow survivors, patients, and advocates come together to spread awareness, early screening, equality in cancer care, and more relevant issues.

Never have I ever thought that my lung cancer journey could be described by the titles of my favorite songs played by The Beatles.

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