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Family Gatherings

Last updated: November 2022

When I was diagnosed with lung cancer my kids were much younger, so family gatherings were much easier. After my treatments and after I build up my strength, we started to do a lot of gatherings. We would go out together to the movies, to dinner, to parties and in the summertime, we would constantly cookout. We had many wonderful summer nights in our backyard. Holiday gatherings were so much easier too. I made sure to enjoy every moment with them just in case. But as time went on and I celebrated another cancerversay, my kids got older, and getting together got harder.

Now my family is grown up

Now my kids are all grown up my youngest being 21 and my oldest 28. Both my boys are firemen, so their schedules are different and two of my daughters work some to most weekends. So now our gatherings are with some of my kids, but we’ve learned to make the most of it. Planning a vacation is super hard, so basically, we split our vacation with our kids. My husband will plan his vacation around the time our kids take their vacation like that we can go somewhere with them. Even if it’s not with all 5 of our kids.

Family time is special

Gatherings and holidays are hard as well, especially with my sons because of their schedules at the fire station. But we make sure to do all the holidays at our house with our children and now my granddaughter. We even invite the other grandparents and their families over. Making and building memories for my children and granddaughter is a must now. I want them to remember those precious memories we’ve made throughout the years and have no regrets. Summer is an awesome time for us because we do a lot more things. We go to the beach, do weekend getaways, continue our cookouts in our back yard and enjoy our summer nights under the outdoor lights. We go to outdoor concerts at our local park, wine, sangria tastings, and fests, and we take our granddaughter to movies at the park. I made it a mission to do as much as we can as a family, enjoy ourselves as a family and build many precious memories.

Family gatherings have always been very important in our family’s lives, but they are more so now. Ever since my diagnosis, my husband and I make sure to do as much as we can as a family. Even when our children's schedules conflict. We figured it out and we do fun things with our kids and granddaughter.

Cherishing our time together

So, if you’re not doing more family gatherings, I highly recommend you do it! Don’t let those precious memories pass you or your loved ones by. It is so important to build those memories for your children, grandchildren, spouse, siblings, relatives, and even friends. Remember to take lots of pictures and videos and leave them something for them to look back and cherish those precious memories.

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