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Diverse group of people safely enjoying a day at the beach

10 Tips to Making the Best of Summer

Summer means family and fun. There’s usually lots of food involved. Vacationing and a whole lot of sunshine. Many of us have to be careful when it comes to the sun due to sensitivities with our medication. I personally love the beach, but lately, I have to be very careful.

I have put together a few tips to help us have a wonderful summer and even enjoy that sunshine a bit.

Tips to stay safe and enjoy the summer

Drink water

Water. Drink lots of water. I try to drink 64 oz of water daily. I feel like if I am filling my body with toxicity from my medication, the least I can do is try to filter some of that out. My kidneys need to work also. Many fear that too much water will drown organs, but as long as you are releasing, your body will appreciate it. Water has so many healing properties in all aspects of our bodies. Hydration is so very important in the heat also. Sitting outside at the beach especially -- there’s no exertion, but the heat can be overpowering for our bodies. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen all the way. I won’t discuss preferred brands, but I will say that I prefer a lotion more than a spray. A spray is so easy, but it often misses places and the sunshine finds those places. I tend to forget about the tops of my feet and knees and a sunburned foot is painful. So, I use a really potent SPF that I can find, and I often use a separate one for my face. Reapply every few hours. If you enter the water, reapply. If you are just sitting out, reapply.

Cover up in the sun

Wear a swim shirt or surf shirt. I have also found swimsuits with sleeves ladies if that is something that you are into. There are some really cute shirts and suits out there that are functional and fashion worthy.

Use an umbrella

Grab the umbrella. If beach service isn’t available if you are the beach or if you are headed to the pool or to an outdoor event or concert, make sure you are covered. I always have the issue while at the beach of having to move the umbrella numerous times as the sun moves and I have still managed to get burned sometimes from just the mere glare.

Be mindful of sun exposure

Vitamin D. So, there’s a fine line between sitting in the sun as I mentioned above and burning up versus acquiring beloved Vitamin D. If you are not vacationing and can be intentional without losing track of time, get outside in the sun for 15 minutes. I have found that anything more without sunscreen causes me a bit of discomfort. I am in Mississippi and summers often feel like we are sitting on top of the sun with extreme temperatures and humidity. During full-blown summer, I can’t tolerate much more than that anyway. I have found that I enjoy the morning sun so much. It’s relaxing to sip coffee, listen to the birds, watch the squirrels, and prepare for the day. I don’t feel guilty for just sitting out there because I am actually doing my body good. Most of us suffer from vitamin D deficiency. There’s so much good with it. We definitely need it.

Watch out for heat exhaustion

Avoid heat exhaustion. You can experience heat exhaustion sitting still. If you are sitting on the beach, try to evaluate your body and how you are feeling. Avoid sitting out during the hottest point of the day and try to focus more on early morning and late afternoon.

Adjust your diet to stay hydrated

Eat water-rich fruits and veggies. I have found that eating melons and strawberries and other water-rich fruits in the summer help me to stay cool and also offers a bit of hydration. Fruits and veggies offer salts and minerals that serve the body in an incredible way. Watermelon has a low-calorie density, but a large portion of water which helps to stay hydrated and feel full.

Protect your head

Head coverings. Make sure that you wear a hat while outdoors or at the beach. If you have a wig, try to get something a bit lighter weight if possible.

Don't forget about practicing self-care

Take time for self-care. Self-care is important however that looks for you whether that means a warm bath to relax with essential oils, reading a book, getting a manicure, or doing a home manicure. Taking care of ourselves outside of just going to the doctor and receiving our treatment is so very important.

Stay present and enjoy these moments

Take some time to enjoy your family. Make memories without stressing the dos and don’ts of cancer. Put cancer on the back burner for a bit. Be vigilant in taking the precautions to take care of yourself but go live and make memories. This is the most important of all.

Happy summer to all! Tell us about your plans this summer in the comments. How do you stay cool in the summertime while managing lung cancer treatment?

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