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My Husband, My Awesome Caregiver!

When I was diagnosed my husband went in “I have to save my wife” mode. I remember my husband crying more than I when we were told I had lung cancer. I couldn’t cry I was in shock. But immediately he went into searching and going to save me mode. I have to say I believe he did save me.

My husband was determined to save me

I recall him staying up until 2 or even 3 am just searching for anything and everything about lung cancer. Natural remedies, diet, supplements, tea, juicing, etc. You name it he had researched it, even the benefits of medical marijuana. He also reached treatments, what treatments were out there for lung cancer. What types of clinical trials, types of chemotherapy, he learned about proton therapy, cyber knife, targeted therapy, biomarker testing, you name it he had researched it. My husband was determined to save me, and I was determined to fight back and live.

Testing ALK-positive thanks to my husband

He had a notebook with everything he had researched and printed out so much information. He started buying me natural stuff he read about and he had so many questions in that notebook to ask the doctors and oncologists. Because of him doing research the first thing he ask was about the biomarker testing and he demanded that I get one. Because of his demand, the results came back ALK-positive and because he did his research on gene mutations and targeted therapy, he knew about Xalkorie.

So yes, I say he did save my life and I’m thankful for that. When it was time to switch my TKI because of progression he knew about other TKIs out there and some that were on a clinical trial. I must say he was on beat and didn’t skip a beat, once I got comfortable and wasn’t afraid of doing my own research I took over. He needed a break; it was overwhelming for him and very stressful, but he was determined, and he accomplished it.

I couldn’t ask for a better partner

I’m very thankful and grateful for my husband, for not letting me give up, for his love and support, and for him staying up all hours of the night doing research and learning about lung cancer. He promised me that I would live a long time and here I am almost 8 years living with lung cancer and he was right. He told me “we are going to grow old together” and to this day I believe him.

I was 46 when diagnosed and we are both 53, so I think we will be growing old together. He still does his research and stays on top of it. When I have to switch TKIs we discuss it, and he’ll research it and prepares himself for any side effects that will come my way. He’ll also start looking for remedies to help with the side effects in case I haven’t. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

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