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Traveling with Lung Cancer

What tips do you have for traveling with lung cancer?

  1. I would think with any and all types of chronic conditions, as the conversation would be first with the medical team if considering traveling via various methods. I think that just helps the process of what to do, bring, keep when moving about.

    1. I totally agree with Yolanda, we should always consult with the doctors first, but I strongly encourage patient travelling. Before the pendamic (2019), I travelled 5 times, international and national, and I'll go again as soon as the pandemic is over. Christine Moderator

      1. I agree with all that was already said, but would like to add that when I travel out of state or out of the country, I always make sure to know where the closest hospital is with a lung cancer team, just in case. Luckily, never needed but I feel comforted knowing. The only other tip I have is to ENJOY YOUR BUTT OFF! ~ Alisa, Team

        1. I totally agree traveling and making sure your safety comes first is the first rule. Always wear your mask, wash and sanitize your hands. I recently went to New York. It was an awesome trip and made it back safely. The flight was great and masks were mandatory. Enjoy life and just be cautious.

          1. I'm glad you enjoyed NY, that's my city 😀 ~ Alisa

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