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Lung cancer - 80% chance? Surgery?

After a few weeks reading everyone’s posts it’s time for me to introduce myself, my dad gets reoccurring chest infections, and the doctor said to do a CT scan after a long 4 week wait they said they found a small nodule upper left lung could be scarring, inflammation or cancer. They gave him a pet scan quickly and today said that it lit up, it’s 80% chance of cancer. It’s 13mm, and said they can operate to just remove it. Nothing else lit up on the scan. Dads meeting with the specialist tomorrow to go through it all better and options available. I’m feeling quite positive after weeks of worrying? Anyone had similar story? Good questions to ask the consultant tomorrow? I’m in the mind set that if it is cancerous it’s small and wasn’t seen elsewhere on PET, so if surgery can remove it then surely everything will be ok? What’s your success stories with surgery? Thanks.

  1. First, it is great that it seems to have been caught early and your Dad is a candidate for surgery. Depending on the pathology, stage and possible other factors found after the surgery, at times the surgery is followed up with a treatment (depending on what the pathology shows) as a preventive measure. Also, your Dad should discuss biomarker testing of the tumor with his doctor, the information can be very important. I'm attaching a link below to an article that I hope helps explain the importance of biomarker/mutation testing. Wishing your Dad all the best, please know we are here for you both, reach out any time.

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