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Stage 4 lung cancer

My Mother in Law recently diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer that has metastasized her bones and in her lymph nodes. I guess I’m wondering what to expect with the progression of this disease. There may be some targeted treatment to try to slow the disease and reduce pain. What kind of “slowing” can occur? Is it worth the side effects? It feels hopeless. She’s in her late 70s. We are heartbroken

  1. I am so sorry to hear your mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer, I personally know how scary and heartbreaking it is to hear the diagnosis. There have been many advances with good responses to treatments recently. You mentioned targeted therapy - did the results from her biomarker/mutation testing come back yet to see if she is eligible for targeted therapy? If not, there are other options. Everyone is different when it comes to side effects, but palliative care can help with any pain or other side effect issues. You mother in law can ask her medical care team about this. I am also posting a link below to an article written by our editorial team about the positive effects of palliative care. Please let us know the results of her biomarker testing (if and when you get them back) and keep us posted, we are here for you both! Warmly, Alisa, LC Team Patient Leader

    1. She has an uncommon egfr mutation. I’m not sure what that means, but I know they are talking about targeted therapy and possible clinical trial. She doesn’t have a high pain tolerance, so I’m not sure how this will go. She’s already beginning to check out, which is absolutely her right. It’s just hard to prepare for. My mom died of ovarian cancer ten years ago, so this whole experience is unfortunately familiar and devastating. Again.

      1. Hi , if you are on facebook, you may want to join this group, there is a wealth of information and others with all types of EGFR mutations. I find them very helpful and supportive, hope to see you there, I'm also EGFR ... Best, Alisa

      2. I'm sorry for the loss of your mom, and what you're mother in law is experiencing. There are so many different experiences, but I agree with Alisa; you may want to also address and get specific feedback on our Facebook page as well. Wishing you an easy mind despite the storm that is currently brewing. We are here for you. Best!

    2. Hi,
      Sorry to hear about your mother in law, I was diagnosed in June 2019 aged 41 with Stage 4 Lung Cancer which had metasised to my stomach, adrenal gland, liver, bones and lymph nodes. I've had chemo/radiothreapy and for the last 2 years my Cancer has remained stable, your mother in law may (praying she does) respond well to treatment. Wishing you all the very best! x

      1. Great to hear you remain stable, thanks for sharing the encouraging news! Reach out anytime, we are in this together! Warmly, Alisa, Team Patient Leader

    3. Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging words. She starts radiation this week and Afatinib seems like the only other option on the table. Not sure if it’s covered with her insurance so walking through that process currently.

      1. Wishing your mother-in-law all the best with her treatments. Hopefully the insurance issue will get straightened out quickly. Please keep us posted, we are here to support each other! All the best, Alisa

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