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Spreading hope in lung cancer

Have you had any experiences that have given you hope during your lung cancer journey?

  1. The fact that I am alive after being diagnosed 23 years ago and again almost two years ago, along with witnessing so many advances, gives me hope! ~ Alisa

    1. NED after being diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer. I was told the was a good possibility that I’d not be a candidate for surgery but with todays medicine and treatments I’m NED.

    2. I love hearing that! I was also Stage 3b and was lucky to find an amazing surgeon who said he would do surgery (unless he opened me up and found a spread, but there wasn't, thankfully). 23 years ago it was rare to have surgery with Stage 3b but I was so lucky and am so grateful! I was considered NED for about 18 years, but I have ground glass nodules being closely monitored now, so now I'm considered stable and I'll take that!

  2. No

    1. I am sorry you don't feel optimistic. There have been so many advances in lung cancer treatment lately which is very encouraging. May I ask what your diagnosis was and are you in treatment? Best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

  3. Yes. Having stage 4 with brain Mets and then recurrence to the abdominal peritoneal I never would have dreamt that I would currently be able to say I have been Ned since 11/2018.

    Sandy( Team)

    1. Absolutely awesome and encouraging Sandy.
      Yolanda( Team)

    2. Hi , I just noticed this post. I want to tell you that I use your story to encourage others and now there are even more success stories like yours. But I think you were the first I met that was Stage 4 and now NED and no longer on treatment. Keep on sharing and giving hope! ~ Alisa

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