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My lung surgery

So I was diagnosed with lung cancer on 27th June. I wasn't given a stage as a biopsy couldn't be taken quick enough.
I had surgery on 18th August to remove the tumor. I am due to receive a call from the surgeon on Thursday to let me know how successful it was and whether chemo or therapy will be needed.
I am still in so much pain, more so than when I was recovering in hospital. Is this normal?

  1. First, let me say it's great your cancer was caught early enough for you to be a surgical candidate. I had a lobectomy in 2000 and a wedge resection in 2021. I think more nerves were affected during my second surgery because it took longer for me to recover than my first surgery, although I was a lot younger for the first one. Everyone is different, but I would think it should be getting better, even if slowly, not worse, unless it is because your nerve endings are still mending and they were numb while in the hospital. Definitely report this to your surgeon when you speak next week. Please feel free to update us. Wishing you the best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. One more thing , I'm posting a link to an article written by our Editorial Team that I hope helps ...

      1. i was checking in to see how you are and how things went after you spoke with the surgeon. Thinking of you. Please know we are here for you. Sandy ( lung cancer patient leader)

        1. I am 8 yrs post and there is a part of where nerves were cut it’s still partially numb. Sometimes where the drain was bothers me. Yes, I too was in more pain after I got home so much to the point that I had to rush back to the ER as a clot was suspected it was so painful. Being a side sleeper, it was tough for about a week or so but it got progressively better. We are lucky in that there are so many treatments out there to help us with our diagnosis which was unheard of not so long ago. Now a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. Be safe. Enjoy each day. Do what you want. Baby yourself. Love yourself!

          1. Hi , my first lung cancer in 2000 was Stage 3b, had 6 chemo treatments after the lobectomy. That cancer never came back. Because I was being followed up closely afterwards (Mt. Sinai, NYC protocol) I was lucky that my second cancer was caught early at Stage 1. They are two different unrelated primary cancers. I also have ground glass nodules that are being monitored, very slow growing. Again, nothing to do with the original cancer. I understand your concern, but thankfully yours was caught early and you are being monitored. Continue being monitored and hopefully nothing will ever show up, but the key is to catch anything early. Wishing you the best! ~ Alisa

          2. Thanks for responding. Scan ready always. Blessings!

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