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Lung Cancer Awareness: Myths and Misconceptions

Awareness month is about breaking common misconceptions. What's the most frustrating misconception about lung cancer?

  1. That you somehow brought this on yourself

    1. That smoking is the only cause of lung cancer. ~ Alisa

      1. Ditto to what has been addressed.

        1. I agree. We did a fundraiser here for lung cancer patients. When I spoke about the different causes of lung cancer, there was shock. I had a doctor confirm this after I finished speaking. However, a friend who had lc would not say. She would cry when people asked her what type of cancer. How do we teach people not to ask. Instead offer support.

          1. I also know others with lung cancer that keep it to themselves and it breaks my heart when I hear this. No one should feel shame or feel alone. Many not for profit lung cancer organizations are running campaigns to spread awareness and erase the stigma, but we have a way to go! Thank you for joining in on this important discussion. ~ Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

          2. This is such a great point! It's unfortunate especially with this cancer that the stigma of it is a hard conversation to have. I would suggest for those who want answers to state that at a later time, you can explain a little clearer and maybe direct them to an organization website that can give more details, so when you meet again they get it without you touching too hard on the explanation.
            Wishing you and your friend the very best!

            Yolanda, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

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