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Lung Cancer and Self-Identity

Self-identity is an important factor in lung cancer. We'd like to ask the community: Has lung cancer changed the way you see yourself?

  1. Since my diagnoses (especially the second one), I feel more vulnerable and less in control. My diagnoses also changed how I see the world around me. I try not to sweat the "little things" and put challenges into perspective. Basically, it completely changed my life. ~ Alisa

    1. My lung cancer diagnosis made me realize how precious each moment in life is. The phrase stop and smell the roses was really brought to light. Enjoy every little thing life gives. Laugh and have fun.
      Share your story, it can help others.

      1. , I feel the same. How odd and wonderful! Thank you! Christine (Patient Leader) ( Moderator)

    2. I am learning how to re-identify myself. Realizing I survived 7 years remission and now entering a new chapter of reoccurance. Trying to remember I'm still me.

      1. I hear you! I entered into a new chapter 21 years after my first diagnosis. I know it's still me, but I also know it is a different me now. The "me" in me still tries to find joy in each day and look at the bright side though. It can be challenging. Wishing you all the best! ~ Alisa

      2. The shifting can be a mix of emotions with ups and downs. I'm sure with this reoccurrence you'll learn to readjust yet again and take the emotional cycles literally one day at a time while staying true to yourself. Wishing you the very best!

    3. I will beat this ,Cancer will not win

      1. Welcome to our community and thanks for commenting ... With all the recent advances, there's every reason to be positive! ~ Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

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