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Low Intensity Exercises

Have you considered what and how does it look to incorporate safe routines with lung cancer? Of course, start with care and discuss your plans with your doctor as the lungs are the main concern, and specific stress-related motions can do more harm than good.

*Stretching Exercises that allow to expand lungs:
Example: Trying routine- Pull Aparts by using resistance bands

*Walking Exercises that enforce mobility:
Example: Light Step Aerobics- slow and low walk up a short number of steps and go down slowly, allowing you to mobilize your joints and build up and improve lung capacity.

What are some low-impact exercises you do or would like to try?

  1. I love to walk, but lately have not been getting enough steps in. I have some physical limitations after my second surgery, but I am motivating myself to start using the stairs more in my apartment building rather than the elevator. Thanks for the reminder! All the best, Alisa

    1. Awesome Alisa! It's the small efforts that make a way. Best!

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