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Immunotherapy + chemotherapy for lung cancer

Has anyone undertaken the ABCP (immuno+chemo) combination for treating lung cancer. How effective is it and what side effects observed. My 73 old dad affected by lung cancer (with progression in the oesophagus) is planning to take this treatment shortly and any inputs on this is greatly appreciated.

A - alezolizumab
B - bevacizumab
C - carbo
P - paclitaxel

  1. Hi , I had carboplatin and taxol, but not the other medications. I tolerated it fairly well (hair loss and fatigue), I was lucky. I hope others with experience with your Dad's protocol will join in on the discussion and share their experiences. In the meantime, I have attached a few links below that I hope you find helpful. Reach out anytime, we are here for you and your Dad. Wishing him all the best with his treatments, please feel free to update us. Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. Hi . I can't personally speak to this treatment, but I do want to share with you this research article on the benefit ABCP regime has shown: Hopefully any others with experience will chime in. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

      1. Stage IV

        1. Hi there, welcome to our Community. Many here are Stage 4 survivors as well, we are here to support each other. Are you responding with regards to the ABCP treatment discussed above? In any event, please feel free to share with us anytime. Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

      2. Just wanted to inform you all that my dad passed away peacefully on April 3 in Bangalore,India at the age of 74.

        1. Oh Padma, I am so sorry for your heartbreaking loss, gratefully he passed peacefully. May his memory be a blessing to you and all his loved ones. Sending warm hugs, Alisa

        2. So sorry to hear Padma 🙁
          You're in our prayers. Peace and blessings.
          Yolanda( Team)

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