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Do Scans Scare Me???

No not anymore as I finally have realized that it is too big for me to worry about--I have just handled the whole problem over to the Lord. I can't change anything--it will be what it will be. Crying doesn't help, hiding doesn't help and running away won't help. There is nothing anyone can do for you except God. Enjoy every extra day you are given and don't ever worry about "Things you can't CHANGE"

  1. I totally understand the way you have processed your situation. It boils down to grasping everything one day at a time. Prayer is a powerful thing but along with asking questions and understanding treatments to what you have to endure, and also being open-minded to options that you may qualify for. Wishing you the very best!

    1. Thank you for sharing what helps you live for the moment! Wishing you all the best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

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