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Mobility chairs

  • By pffurr

    Actually, I have two questions. Why are all of the posts indicated as being done so long ago? Is this not an active site? Some of the subjects are over 10 months old with no activity since.

    But actually, I want to know why the site has not pushed on Medicare and the insurance companies to approve folding power chairs. I have bought a folding power chair (I will name the company to those interested) but without any financial help from Medicare or insurance (Humana) because they consider the chair a “recorational vehicle”. It is anything BUT. My caregiver (my wife) and I are both 84 years old and cannot handle a chair that weighs 80+ pounds. The chair I bought weighs only 41 pounds (then you add the 12 pounds of batteries). It folds to put in the trunk of the car, and will go 10 miles on each of the two batteries. It is a life saver for someone with emphysema and a short garage. Has any research been done for those of us with Lung Cancer on mobility? Does anyone even care?

  • By Margot Keymaster

    Hi @pffurr

    Thanks so much for your post! The site is active, and growing, and we hope to see more posts in the forums soon! There are also posts in our Q&A section: Community Stories section: and Activity Feed: ! is focused on creating and nurturing community; though our contributors and members often share their advocacy and outreach on our site, we do not advocate or action for example pushing on Medicare or insurance companies. We do however hope to provide helpful information for those looking for more information or for these opportunities!

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble getting financial help for this; that must be incredibly frustrating.

    If you have not spoken to one already, many find that as they are trying to navigate assistance and finances, an oncology social worker can be a great help, as they will advocate on your behalf and can help find resources:

    And more resources may be found here:

    Please know that we are thinking of you. Please do keep us updated if you’d like to!

    Margot, Team Member