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Are you surviving the summer heat?

Hello family. How are your surviving the summer? In North East Ohio, the humidity is horrible. Air conditioning is my best friend.

  1. It is very hot and humid here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama as well, making it very difficult to breath and due to the side effect of sun sensitivity caused by the oral targeted therapy drug I am on it is difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.

    1. I'm sorry, it is hard not being able to do all the things we are used to doing. I hope when Autumn comes around you can get back to outdoor activities! All the best, Alisa, Team Member

    2. Hi . I'm in Washington, DC and it can be pretty swamp like, but I imagine nothing compared to the Gulf Coase. Yes, a lot of medications can really increase the sun sensitivity. Hope you manage to stay cool and non-burned. Best, Richard ( Team)

  2. Hot and humid in NYC also. One lung and cancer in it, I still do what I can. I just move slowly and sit a lot. Worked outside all my life, and still do. But on the flip side, I hate the winters.

    1. I'm in NYC too! Yep, hot and humid, but it's summer in the city .... I find the winter challenging also. After one nice snow fall, I'm ready to move on to Spring! ~ Alisa

  3. Funny you should say that. I find that most people in our area say that, but I know that we feel it the most.

    1. Though this was posted 4 years ago, the heat hasn't changed a bit. Hot and humid is the case for summer 2021. : )

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