Chasing a Puppy Led to My Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Hello! My name is Cathy. This is the first I've gone into detail. I use to keep a journal with all that went on, then I stopped. Back in July I think I was chasing my puppy that got out from the gate. I had had shoulder replacement 6 months and it failed so I always protected my right shoulder the best I could.

Chasing my puppy led to my diagnosis

My pup Jake got back in the yard. So I tried to jump a 3 foot fence landing on my shoulder hitting my head, but I caught Jake! Went for a CT on the shoulder and then seen a 2 1/2 spot on my lung. This was September 2019. Friday after the CT scan, a doctor called me and said, I didn't want you to go the weekend worrying about your results. You do have lung cancer and it is not good. Your regular doctor will be in touch Monday.

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In total shock at my diagnosis

I stood frozen looking out my back door at my grandson playing. I thought I have to get my son here to get him. I can't cry in front of my grand baby. Next, I was getting test biopsies and scheduled for surgery. By January I had surgery, 6 rounds of chemo and 30 rounds of radiation. I was 56 and turned 57 during treatment.

The effects of radiation

The radiation destroyed my hips both replaced and my shoulder replacement again. The left hip I had 2 surgeries. My esophagus has to be stretched every couple of months. My puppy saved my life! I'm currently in remission and go for my next CT scan in December. Wish me luck!

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