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Lung Cancer Experiences From Diagnosis to Treatment

While each person’s experience with lung cancer is unique, finding commonalities in our stories (such as a shared biomarker or treatment side effect) can be validating and powerful.

Our 5th Lung Cancer In America Survey asked 527 people living with lung cancer to share their cancer experiences. Explore survey results in this quiz and see how your lung cancer experience relates to others in the community.

Diagnosis and decision-making

News of a lung cancer diagnosis can come as a complete shock. It can leave people feeling unsure about next steps. Two common pieces of advice the LungCancer.net community shares with those newly diagnosed with lung cancer are to ask about biomarker testing and to find a doctor who supports you.

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What percent of survey takers are unsure about their biomarker status?

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For those who sought a second opinion, when was the more common time for respondents to seek a second opinion?

Let’s talk about treatment

Deciding on a treatment plan can be a big decision, especially when it comes to considering factors like possible side effects, treatment logistics, insurance coverage, and quality of life. Treatment plans can also look different for everyone.

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What did respondents say was the number 1 barrier to receiving lung cancer treatment?

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What is the most commonly reported symptom survey takers experienced in the past month?

Making the most of doctor’s appointments

Healthcare providers play such a vital role in managing lung cancer. To make the most of the time spent with doctors in follow-up appointments, it is important to have a constructive, supportive relationship.

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What did survey takers report as the most commonly discussed topics in their recent visit with their doctor?

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What is the average time that survey takers spent talking with their doctor?

Tell us about your experiences

Our 5th Lung Cancer In America Survey offers a glimpse into life with lung cancer from diagnosis to treatment. We each have a story to share. Tell us in the comments what you learned and how your experiences compare to these findings.

The 5th LungCancer.net In America Survey was conducted online from January through April 2022. The survey was completed by 527 people.

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