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Journaling after Diagnosis

Have you found a hobby after diagnosis? I started a blog after I was diagnosed, and I have sporadically updated it ever since. I found that I wanted to do something more physical, a pen-on-paper-type hobby. My husband has many many many hobbies and I had always wanted a hobby but just had not found the right one yet.

Just before the pandemic started my friend invited me to a junk journal class and I accepted her invitation, and just like that, a new hobby was found!

Starting my first junk journal

A junk journal is exactly what it sounds like. The book can be made out of many things. I used an old book that the pages were already damaged. Some people do have a hard time destroying books, and if you are that way then this hobby may not be for you. I took the “guts” of the book out and then sewed paper into them. It can also be made out of old cardboard boxes, or you can use your imagination, anything goes!

The fun part about this is watching all the YouTube videos to learn what process works best for you. I watched one video and did her process but wasn’t too happy with it. I then watched a second video and found that her process was better.

My new hobbies

I have two books started. The first one I have themed it as my SpryVenture (my last name!) book and I write about my husband and my weekend adventures. My second book does not have a theme, but I am having fun decorating the pages. While decorating, I have found a lot of “junk” items to place in the journal, often called ephemera.

Another hobby that I have developed recently is going to thrift stores, so I have been on the lookout for things to add to my journals. I found a Christmas book to use to make a Christmas-themed junk journal and I have been collecting Christmas-themed items so that I can put it together.

Why finding a hobby is helpful

Finding a hobby after being diagnosed with lung cancer is helpful in many ways. It helps to keep your mind off of things that you cannot control. It is not healthy to always be focused on your treatment or what could happen. This hobby can successfully allow you to “live in the moment”. It is also helpful to stay active and not be napping too much. A hobby like junk journaling can help you to build up current friendships or make new friends. I have found a lot of helpful Facebook groups, Youtube videos, and other learning paths on the internet.

Grab a friend and start looking up what you would need and let me know if you have started a junk journal. I would love to see it and I can share mine with you! Or if this is not the hobby for you let me know in the comments what hobby you started after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

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