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What are your tips for finding a good oncologist?

Share your tips with fellow community members looking for an oncologist! If you haven’t found a good one, what challenges have you faced?

Community Answers
  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    11 months ago

    @mindy? @Lisa Moran You both make excellent points! More than anything having an oncologist that respects you as a patient is golden. As this disease has that stigma attached, I’m sure many can agree to have a doctor that speaks down to you as a former smoker, or nonsmoker may not go over well. I must say you know in your gut whether the doctor is for you or not., and that gut feeling has worked out well for many.

  • Lisa Moran moderator
    11 months ago

    Do your research. Find an oncologist that specializes in lung cancer. I fired the first oncologist, assigned to me by my local cancer center, just for that reason. You want someone familiar with your disease and the treatments you are on.

  • Mindy?
    11 months ago

    You want one who .You can trust to tell you upfront any and all information due to your disease. I wanted one with a great patient side manner. I wanted one who was gaining new knowledge every year.
    I didn’t want doom and gloom all the time..He listens to me ..recommends me..and also takes the time to discuss any and all my concerns..
    I was blessed ..I got my oncologist that was and is perfect for me….

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