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We Are Being Recognized

“Mom, you never traveled. You’re traveling more now with 2 cancers than you ever did.”

Traveling to Represent the Lung Cancer Community

YES!!!! That is the truth.  And do you want to know why? – Because more of us are getting cancer, making our voices heard, and attending more conferences.

My calendar for the year looks like this:

  • February: Atlanta, GA – Lung Cancer Research Foundation (2 days)
  • March: Cleveland, OH – Livestrong event in Cleveland (1 day)
  • March: Philadelphia, PA – Health Union Connexion Conference (2 days)
  • April: Washington, DC – Lungevity Hope Summit (2 days)
  • July: Richmond, VA – vacation
  • September: Costa Rica, Brazil (keeping my fingers crossed for this amazing opportunity for cancer patients)
  • On a personal note, I also have a new grandbaby coming and two weddings

What does this all mean?  It means, our voices are being heard.  Our hard work is paying off. Yes, it is mostly cancer patients/advocates at these events, however, the physicians who come speak to us are also making their voices heard. Their colleagues hear them as well.

Making Our Voices Heard

Simply telling your story can make others aware of the strides we are making.  Although, they seem small, progress is being made.  Survivors are living longer, treatments are being discovered, and we are all supporting each other.

Share your story. wants to hear from you. Our community wants to hear from you. Click here to get started.

We all have a different story to tell – how were you diagnosed? Was it while looking at something else? Did you have symptoms?  What did you do those first few weeks while going through the staging process? We are all unique in our story and our stories can help the medical field and cancer research. There is so much you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Join different Facebook groups and offer support when needed. Join and hear from all types of survivors  –  we’d love to have you join us by adding your story to ours.

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