A pair of lungs filled with speech bubbles

Ways to Share Our Lung Cancer Story

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is a time to acknowledge and reflect on the unique stories that exist within individual lung cancer journeys. This year, as a way to uphold our commitment to represent all lung cancer stories, and highlight the fact that statistics do not tell someone's entire story, we have called upon our advocates to share the importance of why sharing your lung cancer story is significant.

"Yolanda's why"

In this video, Yolanda shares how and why she got involved in the lung cancer community and why you should share your story today. Together, one story at a time, we continue to raise awareness for lung cancer and uplift each other throughout the journey.

Share your story

One of the best features of this community is sharing. At LungCancer.net, each community member has the opportunity to share their personal stories and connect with other members of the community. Help us spread the word about lung cancer by sharing your story today!

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