A dump truck with a pair of lungs on it dumps research tools off of a cliff

I Am Mad as Hell

Last updated: October 2019

I am outraged! The Lung Cancer Research Program under the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program within the Department of Defense is in jeopardy. The current 2020 Senate version of the Department of Defense budget would eliminate this critical research program. The plan is to “dump” lung cancer into a mixing bowl of other cancers and then see which disease warrants research each year. Based on the 50 year “prevention only” strategy to “treat” lung cancer, I know what cancer will likely be left in the bottom of the bowl. This is so very WRONG!

Lung cancer continues to claim too many lives

According to the National Institute of Health; Estimates of Funding for Various Research, Condition and Disease Categories, published April 19, 2019: the 2015 US mortality for lung cancer was 163,199 deaths of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors.1 The next deadliest cancer is colorectal cancer at 60,972 deaths. These figures are actual, not projected. Lung cancer is responsible for the death of 100,000 more people than the next single cancer, representing over 25% of all cancer deaths. To put that number in perspective, the population of Alexandria, VA is 160,000 people. Would there be outrage if everyone in Alexandria died this year of a single disease? Of course, there would be outrage!

The lung cancer community should be outraged

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program within the Department of Defense was established in 1992 for breast cancer research.2 Finally, in 2009 the designated Lung Cancer Research Program was created, through efforts of advocates working with Lung Cancer Alliance, now GO2 Foundation. It was a battle to institute this program; we cannot allow this critical research resource to end.

Everyone and anyone impacted by lung cancer should be OUTRAGED! Then take that outrage and do something with it!

Take action for lung cancer research and funding

Share your outage with your elected Senators and Congressional Representative. Tell them the PREVENTION ONLY strategy IS NOT WORKING! Tell them lung cancer CANNOT be prevented. Tell them THEIR loved ones are at risk for lung cancer and it is a deadly disease. Tell them our VETERANS have a 25% higher risk for lung cancer and deserve better. Tell them ALL lung cancer patients deserve effective treatments for their disease. Tell them to STAND UP to the STIGMA. Tell them they can help SAVE LIVES!

We must stand together as one community and collectively take action. Tell your lung cancer story to your ELECTED officials TODAY. This is important; too many lives depend on this research. Please share your OUTRAGE on the Lung Cancer Alliance's website because your voice matters.

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