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The Impact of Lung Cancer Groups

The beautiful part of my healing is opening space for new people living with lung cancer to enter my life. My heart is full despite the advanced stage of my illness.

There are more caring and loving people who have been part of my lung cancer journey. They are able to speak from experience.

Finding support through groups

The group members understood my pain and suffering. Thanks to social media and the Zoom app, I get to know more people living with lung cancer.

Since my diagnosis, I have been an active member of different lung cancer groups. Their presence in my life makes me feel I am not alone in my journey. There is so much hope and high spirit in them.

I have a good understanding of precision medicine and it's common side effects, thanks to my involvement in a biomarker group. I have gained shared survival tips and a great self-care regimen.

Furthermore, I gained a wealth of knowledge on my biomarker conditions, treatment options, nutrition, and clinical trials. Moreover, there are Zoom talks on current research, vaccines, and clinical trials for my specific biomarker, ALK Positive.

Advocating for lung cancer research

Since my diagnosis, I have witnessed minimal research funding for lung cancer despite more people dying from the disease. I have supported organizations that fundraise for research and extend assistance to newly diagnosed patients. At the time of diagnosis, support for patients is essential for making the right choices and decisions.

There is also a disparity in getting the right biomarker testing through liquid biopsy for checking mutations or tumor DNA. Targeted therapy treatment works well for different lung cancer mutations. Lung cancer groups advocating biomarker testing and the right treatment is a main stop for me.

Early screening is minimal for lung cancer compared to breast cancer and colon cancer. I am for any lung cancer group that pushes for early screening action and lobbying the government. Lives will be prolonged and the treatment expenses can be minimized. The quality of life becomes better and pushes for longer survival.

Building connections

I just recently joined a lung cancer group that loves to travel together, most marking milestones or celebrating life. We have polls on places to visit and where to stay. Someone in the group arranges the group rate for accommodation and schedules the activities during the visit. I am looking forward to traveling with people living with lung cancer.

There is one group I consistently meet once a month via Zoom. A psychosocial worker from the cancer care agency coordinates and moderates the meeting of fellow lung cancer survivors. The meeting focuses on journey sharing and how we overcome our common cancer struggles. I really appreciate the friendship created by the group.

Lung cancer groups exist to place action and solutions for lung cancer problems and stigma as well. Belonging to one or more groups has impacted my everyday life.

I can draw hope, encouragement, and support from group members. The positive vibes bring a high spirit to live with my illness.

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