A group of diverse people support each other side by side

Having Great Co-Survivors

In my lung cancer journey, I have been blessed with a number of people who I consider my co-survivors. They give their support as I fight and survive my life-threatening illness. Most people have struggled in their reaction to the news of my diagnosis. But my co-survivors know how to reach out. Moreover, they are able to provide social and emotional support without hesitation. They are the backbone of my survival so far.

My dear husband

My husband as my caregiver has been in every step of my journey. His support lessens my anxiety and stress from living with my illness. Even appointments my husband accompanies me. But due to COVID-19, he is not allowed to go with me in the hospital so he only drops me off and picks me up. Since I am susceptible to COVID-19, he took the role of doing our essential shopping. He makes sure my children and I use a face mask, sanitize, and follow social distancing when we go outside.

My beloved children

Breaking the news about my diagnosis to my children was the most difficult thing. My diagnosis began before Christmas of 2019. We waited to tell them until they were done with their final exams. The whole family was shocked and sad. But we picked up ourselves and hope for a miracle to happen. Our prayers continue.

Selected relatives

We only broke the news to chosen relatives. I do not want to be overwhelmed with queries. My nearby relatives have been checking in from the start of my diagnosis. The same goes for my Dad and siblings. Thanks to social media we can virtually update one another.

Church family

I could not thank enough my church family especially our deacons and pastors. Their prayers blessed me so much especially at the beginning of my cancer treatment. Before COVID-19 Pandemic, I got house visits and free meals. Now with the lockdown and restrictions, I get emails and texts to check up on me. In 2021, we plan to have small virtual fellowships because church gatherings are not allowed yet. My church small group is one of the sources of my strength.

Former officemates

At my last workplace, I gained close co-workers. During my diagnosis, they were expressing their support through social media, phone calls, and food deliveries. I appreciate their prayer support as well. Our annual Christmas party in December 2020 switched to virtual. We used Zoom, YouTube Karaoke, and games App to put the fun in our virtual party. Some of them gave their support to my first fundraiser for lung cancer research in November 2020.

My close friends

Just like my relatives we restricted sharing my illness with friends. We chose the ones with who we have deep relationships. During the lung cancer awareness month in November 2020, they supported my first fundraiser for research.

Co-exist with co-survivors

My co-survivors understand and play their role so well. They know when I need them most. I consider them all my heaven-sent. For as long as I live my gratitude goes out to all of them.

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