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Here Are Some Lung Cancer Great Reads

There are many books on lung cancer available, but I’ve found that patients and caregivers can often gain help, hope, and insights by reading stories of how other patients deal with similar challenges to the ones they face. With that in mind, here is my list, with the addition of one or two guide books as well.

Great reads about lung cancer

When Breath Becomes Air – Take a walk through the life and experience of Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, and his wife as he traverses the landscape of stage 4 lung cancer in this New York Times best seller. Check it out here.

To See Another Sunrise – Book 1 of Jim Morrison’s stage 4 lung cancer journey that set him on a path to achieve goals, one at a time, as he worked hard to defeat the beast that had accosted him. Check it out here.

Cancer – My Rainbow in the Dark – Book 2 of Jim Morrison’s journey includes stories of those he’s met along the way as he helps and is helped by the many “warriors” who fight this battle valiantly. Check it out here.

Second Wind: Thriving with Cancer – Dann Wonser shares his first person recipe for how to not only survive but to thrive with lung cancer. He explains that having cancer has literally changed every aspect of how he thinks about life. Check it out here.

The ABCs of Lung Cancer: for Patients and AdvocatesDusty Donaldson and her daughter Kimberly Lester lay out an easy-to-read A-Z book that answers most questions a layman would have about lung cancer. Written by patient advocates for patients and patient advocates. Check it out here.

Cancer on Two Wheels: A Spiritual Journey with Stage IV Lung Cancer – Chris Haga had been an avid bicyclist for years before his lung cancer diagnosis. He continued riding for four more years, even with only a single good lung. Read about his faith journey as he traversed this difficult medical challenge. Check it out here.

Till Death Do Us Part: The Story of My Wife’s Fight with Lung Cancer – This is a chronological and loving depiction of Bob Urman’s postings about his wife’s cancer experience from diagnosis in the hospital through hospice and finally her memorial service. Check it out here.

Scanziety: A Retrospection of a Lung Cancer Survivor – Here, Tom Galli takes the reader through his personal story of survival for well over a decade. Even so, he explains that each scan brings with it the scanziety so many patients face. Check it out here.

The Cancer Card: Dealing with a Diagnosis – Karen Van de Water takes the reader on a trip through her diagnosis and treatments. She shares helpful tips and resources along the way. Check it out here.

Trekking Through Cancerland: Letters from the Journey – This is my story from diagnosis through the first nine months of chemotherapy and maintenance treatments. Written in letter format, it attempts to share all aspects of my journey, including hardships, humor, faith, frustrations, support, and so much more. Check it out here.

Navigating Lung Cancer: 360° of HOPE – This is a comprehensive manual for the lung cancer patient put out by the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, available free to lung cancer patients and caregivers. Check it out here.

What’s your favorite book?

This is a starter list, though there are surely many more worthy books that could be added. If you have a favorite that is not on my list, please include it in the comments so we can all check it out.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on June 8, 2019, Karen Loss passed away. Karen was a valued member of the lung cancer community and an incredible advocate and avid writer. She will be deeply missed.

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  • lungadvocatedoc
    11 months ago

    For loved ones caring for those with lung cancer: Cancer Journey: A Caregivers View from the Passenger Seat, by Cynthia Siegfried. A wonderful, raw, and extremely helpful guide that the author wrote from the standpoint of caring for her husband with lung cancer for many years.

  • Karen Loss author
    11 months ago

    Thank you for adding to the list. I hope others will find everything in this article and the related comments, like the one you’ve posted, helpful.

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