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Lung Cancer Fitness Challenge

In the spirit of Lung Cancer Awareness Month this November, I wanted to share some details of a fitness challenge my board members and I took part in. This road of advocacy is always thinking outside of the box in providing an outlet to reach the community, patients, caregivers, and medical specialists. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to keep the momentum in a very important conversation such as lung cancer. I started Mae’s Breath Foundation shortly after my mother’s passing, and the main goal was to reach back to the hospital that cared for her, by providing a source of community-related education, while working effectively with healthcare providers. We’ve held many events over the years, but the one that has become a needed staple in our community health imitative, where we take on physical tasks in building the need for staying healthy and fit.

Fitness initiative

We’ve taken on the challenge of including outdoor fitness challenges for the last 4-5 years. The importance of fresh air and exercise piques interest in a healthy lifestyle. Though we may have other fundraisers or programs that are ongoing; we’ve made it our priority to stay consistent when we speak about fitness and breath.

The first year we had people donate towards the team member participating in completing the task at hand. Exercises ranged from using weights, squats, or jumping jacks. Whatever gets the heart rate pumping is the goal. The goal for this year was to complete 5 exercises in a specific time, and part of it wasn’t so much to build muscle mass, but more to build and regain lung capacity.

Importance of Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Though the past year and a half have been challenging with the COVID 19 virus, many things had to stop. This year we highlighted our Post Quarantine Lung Awareness Challenge – Vaccine Fit virtually from our homes. I think it provided a good showcase of how many people have gotten out of shape thanks to this virus and being at home. The idea of getting in some sort of shape was a challenge, but that’s why it’s titled a fitness challenge.

So why is this month so important? Well, we know every day and minute is important when you’re dealing with symptoms of cancer, but for lung cancer, this month of November holds special as it helps bring attention as well as encourage people to seek medical advice. So whether it's fundraisers or any other giveback it does help to bring attention to an illness that doesn’t get as much recognition.

What can you do?

Many people don’t have a charity or organization, so how can they give back? There’s a couple of ways to spread the love:

  • Search and follow other lung cancer organizations that are making waves in their own way.
  • Ask how to volunteer in some way or fashion.
  • Donate to your favorite organization.
  • Keep the conversation going even if you don’t have anything to share; passing along someone else’s story is a start.

Mae's Breath Foundation is a 501c3 organization whose goals are to empower and educate lung cancer patients in treatment options, and build healthy and effective relationships with healthcare providers; all while maintaining their dignity.

Check out our latest challenge!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it.

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