Why Exercise Is A Partner?

As we get older or old enough to do our own research; well, that opens up a floodgate of constant learning and understanding how components of life work. Lung cancer for so many is a brutal partner. This partner lies on your lungs and becomes a pest. When the news hits of a lung cancer diagnosis then what? Who should you tell? What should you do? It’s a lot to absorb; you may even wonder what is left?

Well, let me tell you, fighting is a key factor. Okay, what’s the point, and who's really benefitting? I know a lot of people dive into the talks of exercise, especially now when a lot of gyms are closed because of COVID-19. When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer I saw firsthand how delicate our lungs really are. For some of us, we take helpers like our lungs for granted and may forget they need a tune-up in care every now and again.

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How do exercise and cancer relate?

Being that the lungs are the major component of our respiratory and breathing system, they hold relevant importance. In a nutshell exercise and our respiratory system improves our lung capacity; as we exercise our heart rate increases and so does our breathing, which allows for more oxygen to absorb into our lungs and for carbon dioxide to be removed from our lungs.

So does this mean we go extremely hard to get the same effect? Not necessarily. The relation between breathing and exercise goes hand in hand as some form of physical activity helps with oxygen, which is very important when struggling with lung disease.

Go hard or go home

It all depends on the individual and what they can and can’t do, and always based on a doctor's clearance. If the green light is given to be more active then it’s okay to do so within reason. If a novice decides to run a marathon their first step out the gate, well, maybe that should be reconsidered, as proper training leading up to attempting to run a marathon makes sense.

Sometimes we get caught up in making changes at a level 5 when we’re new and level 1 is the proper step. I always suggest walking, as you go by your pace and a good walk brings great lung capacity as mentioned. As walking becomes part of your day to day then, you can increase the pace and the amount of time put into it.

Too little too late

Oftentimes we get into that funk of “Man my body is breaking down now, what good is doing exercise”? Let me tell you it’s never too late to take care of your body (mentally and physically); no matter the battle wounds. By doing nothing and not making a go of positive self-care leads to slow recovery. The partner of exercise and wellness is an important necessity as you move along in care. Any form of assistance that helps your breathing quality especially at this time is a positive move forward.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it

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